Invention Submission Firms, Design Firms, and Patent Lawyers – Are They All a Rip-Off?

Watch a lot of Inventor shows on TV and you will acceptable see humans on the bend of adversity financially. You apprehend adventure afterwards adventure of humans that took out a additional mortgage on their house, acclimated every bit of accumulation they had, were active in their car and on the border of bankruptcy. These were the ones that fabricated it on camera. They had bags of entrants and alone a few fabricated it as far as accepting televised. Just anticipate if even ¼ of the humans who auditioned and didn’t get on T.V spent as abundant money as the ones you saw. The added affair you charge to accede is that all of those that did not get on T.V. were searching for anyone to aftermath their abstraction and get it to market.

There are a bulk of apparatus acquiescence companies out there and now there are even added that accept sprung up alms help, for a bulk and agriculture off of everyone’s activity to accomplish it rich. Unfortunately, not all of them accept your best absorption at heart. Some of them are alone out to abandoned your coffer annual and absolutely don’t affliction if your annual gets to bazaar as continued as your analysis clears the bank. You accept to accept no bulk who you aces to use, they accommodate a annual and that for every annual you use you will accept to pay a price.

If you appear to them and say I accept abstraction X and I wish to accept a apparent seek done, I wish to book for a patent; I wish to get a ancestor fabricated and accept my abstraction beatific to companies for accessible licensing. They will be added than blessed to do all those things… for a fee. It is not their job to acquaint you your abstraction stinks. They are accouterment the annual you requested. They wish to accommodate you with the casework you said you wanted… for a fee.

Think of it this way. If a aggregation that cuts grass as a annual was alive beyond the artery from your abode and you went over to them and said “Can you cut my grass?” They are a lot of acceptable traveling to say “Yes, we can do that for X bulk of money.” If you say I wish you to cut my grass every anniversary whether it needs it or not. They will set you up on a agenda and cut your grass every anniversary whether it needs it or not. Because, you are the paying chump and you are allurement them to accommodate you with their service. They aswell apperceive that if you are bent to get your grass cut every anniversary whether it needs it or not and they about-face you down you will just go and acquisition accession aggregation accommodating to do it every week. So, is that aggregation a bad aggregation for giving you what you wish even if you don’t charge it?

When you go to a Apparent Attorney’s appointment and say I wish you to do a apparent seek for me on my abstraction should the Apparent Lawyer say “Have you gone to or the apparent appointment website yourself aboriginal to see if annihilation abroad is out there?” If you go to a architecture close and say “Can you body this for me out of titanium?” Do you apprehend them to say “What are your affairs for this? Accept you looked to see if annihilation abroad is out there like this?”

When you go to a architect with your advised artefact and say ” I wish you to accomplish me 5,000 of these in red and blue”. Do you apprehend them to say “We will not accomplish these for you until you can prove to us that these will be bankable and you will accomplish your money aback on them?”

If that is what you apprehend to appear you will be acutely aghast because the affairs of that accident are abbreviate to none. Why? Because they are in business to accomplish money and they are affairs you a annual and you are allurement them to accomplish a service. Whether you feel it is about amiss on their allotment to do as you ask, even if they apperceive you are crumbling your money. It is not actionable for them to accommodate you the service. It is your job to do your analysis up foreground and to be as abreast as accessible to accomplish abiding you are authoritative a complete decision.

Don’t get me amiss I feel abhorrent for anyone that loses their shirt and goes acutely in debt, gets ripped off or just has bad luck with a artefact that is a abundant idea. I am aggravating to accomplish abiding you apperceive up foreground what you are accepting into and accomplish you ask the harder questions to actuate if you charge these services. As I accept said afore I accept several items on the bazaar that I spent beneath than $100 on and never set bottom in a apparent lawyer’s office, or assassin a architecture firm, or contacted a architect to body me X bulk of prototypes. So, it can be done.

When you appear up with an abstraction that you anticipate is great. You charge to stop and do this exercise afore you access any aggregation and ask for any services. Take off your Inventors cap and put on your Consumers cap. You can’t anticipate of your abstraction as YOUR abstraction anymore. You accept to anticipate of it as something you see on the abundance shelf if you go arcade and are spending YOUR harder acceptable money to acquirement it. I can’t accent this enough. You charge to REALLY attending at your abstraction from the consumer’s point of appearance and ask these questions.

• Would I REALLY buy this annual if I saw it in the store?

• Why would I buy it?

• Would humans that bought one buy accession later? Is your abstraction a ancient purchase?

• Is this an annual that added than just your ancestors and accompany would buy because they like/love you?

• Which companies do you anticipate would advertise this blazon of item?

• Are there any items like castigation on the market? If yes, how is castigation bigger and why would it advertise bigger than theirs? Are endemic affairs at all or just demography up shelf space?

• Will the chump GET your artefact if they see it on the shelf after the advantage of accepting a bartering congenital about it?

These are simple questions YOU can acknowledgment after paying a soul. If you get added abrogating answers to these questions than positives you charge to reevaluate your idea.

As an Inventor you do accept rights if it comes to alive with an apparatus acquiescence company. Many humans get ripped off because they don’t apperceive the appropriate questions to ask or what the apparatus acquiescence aggregation is appropriate by federal law to acquaint you afore you assurance on the dotted band with them. If they are afraid to answers the questions appropriate by law, that should be a huge red banderole to you; run and get abroad from them as fast as accessible with your wallet still intact. If they are accepted they accept annihilation to adumbrate and should be blessed to appearance you their successes and failures. Many accept their successes acquaint on their website for you to analysis out.

The American Inventors Aegis Act of 1999 is there for your protection. Use it. Companies that abatement beneath this act are appropriate to acquaint you the advice beneath BEFORE you assurance a arrangement acceptable a client, not AFTER you accept already spent the money!

Below is a allocation of the act and its annual of rights you have. READ IT! This is for YOUR protection!

Note: This is what was accepted as of this printing. You may charge to attending up a accepted adaptation which can be begin online easily. This is just a allocation of the law that I accept posted. As I declared you can acquisition the abounding law online. I anticipation this area would accord you a acceptable base to alpha with and you could attending up the absolute accepted law.

American Inventors Aegis Act of 1999



This appellation may be cited as the American Inventors Aegis Act of 1999′.

Subtitle A-Inventors’ Rights


This explanation may be cited as the Inventors’ Rights Act of 1999′.


(a) IN GENERAL- Affiliate 29 of appellation 35, United States Code, is adapted by abacus at the end the afterward new section:

Sec. 297. Improper and ambiguous apparatus promotion

(a) IN GENERAL- An apparatus apostle shall accept a assignment to acknowledge the afterward advice to a chump in writing, above-mentioned to entering into a arrangement for apparatus advance services:

(1) the absolute bulk of inventions evaluated by the apparatus apostle for bartering abeyant in the accomplished 5 years, as able-bodied as the bulk of those inventions that accustomed absolute evaluations, and the bulk of those inventions that accustomed abrogating evaluations;

(2) the absolute bulk of barter who accept apprenticed with the apparatus apostle in the accomplished 5 years, not including barter who accept purchased barter appearance services, research, advertising, or added non-marketing casework from the apparatus promoter, or who accept defaulted in their transaction to the apparatus promoter;

(3) the absolute bulk of barter accepted by the apparatus apostle to accept accustomed a net banking accumulation as a absolute aftereffect of the apparatus advance casework provided by such apparatus promoter;

‘(4) the absolute bulk of barter accepted by the apparatus apostle to accept accustomed authorization agreements for their inventions as a absolute aftereffect of the apparatus advance casework provided by such apparatus promoter; and

(5) the names and addresses of all antecedent apparatus advance companies with which the apparatus apostle or its admiral accept collectively or alone been affiliated in the antecedent 10 years.

(b) CIVIL ACTION- (1) Any chump who enters into a arrangement with an apparatus apostle and who is begin by a cloister to accept been afflicted by any absolute apocryphal or counterfeit annual or representation, or any blank of absolute fact, by that apparatus apostle (or any agent, employee, director, officer, partner, or absolute architect of such apparatus promoter), or by the abortion of that apparatus apostle to acknowledge such advice as appropriate beneath annex (a), may balance in a civilian activity adjoin the apparatus apostle (or the officers, directors, or ally of such apparatus promoter), in accession to reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees-

(A) the bulk of absolute amercement incurred by the customer; or

(B) at the acclamation of the chump at any time afore final acumen is rendered, approved amercement in a sum of not added than $5,000, as the cloister considers just.

(2) Notwithstanding branch (1), in a case area the chump sustains the accountability of proof, and the cloister finds, that the apparatus apostle carefully biased or bare a absolute actuality to such customer, or foolishly bootless to acknowledge such advice as appropriate beneath annex (a), with the purpose of artful that customer, the cloister may access amercement to not added than three times the bulk awarded, demography into annual accomplished complaints fabricated adjoin the apparatus apostle that resulted in authoritative sanctions or added antidotal accomplishments based on those annal aggregate by the Commissioner of Patents beneath annex (d).

(c) DEFINITIONS- For purposes of this section-

(1) a ‘contract for apparatus advance services’ bureau a arrangement by which an apparatus apostle undertakes apparatus advance casework for a customer;

(2) a ‘customer’ is any alone who enters into a arrangement with an apparatus apostle for apparatus advance services;

(3) the appellation ‘invention promoter’ bureau any person, firm, partnership, corporation, or added article who offers to accomplish or performs apparatus advance casework for, or on account of, a customer, and who holds itself out through bartering in any accumulation media as accouterment such services, but does not include-

(A) any administration or bureau of the Federal Government or of a State or bounded government;

(B) any nonprofit, charitable, scientific, or educational organization, able beneath applicative State law or declared beneath area 170(b) (1) (A) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986;

(C) any being or article complex in the appraisal to actuate bartering abeyant of, or alms to authorization or sell, a account apparent or a ahead filed non-provisional account apparent application;

(D) any affair accommodating in a transaction involving the auction of the banal or assets of a business; or

(E) any affair who anon engages in the business of retail sales of articles or the administration of products; and

(4) the appellation ‘invention advance services’ bureau the accretion or attempted accretion for a chump of a firm, corporation, or added article to advance and bazaar articles or casework that cover the apparatus of the customer.


(1) RELEASE OF COMPLAINTS- The Commissioner of Patents shall accomplish all complaints accustomed by the Apparent and Trademark Appointment involving apparatus promoters about available, calm with any acknowledgment of the apparatus promoters. The Commissioner of Patents shall acquaint the apparatus apostle of a complaint and accommodate a reasonable befalling to acknowledgment above-mentioned to authoritative such complaint about available.

(2) REQUEST FOR COMPLAINTS- The Commissioner of Patents may appeal complaints apropos to apparatus advance casework from any Federal or State bureau and cover such complaints in the annal maintained beneath branch (1), calm with any acknowledgment of the apparatus promoters.’.

(b) CONFORMING AMENDMENT- The table of sections at the alpha of affiliate 29 of appellation 35, United States Code, is adapted by abacus at the end the afterward new item:

297. Improper and ambiguous apparatus promotion.’.

Let me afresh be bright that it is the albatross of the Inventor to analysis out a aggregation afore you use them. As I accept said there are a lot of acceptable accepted apparatus acquiescence companies, Architecture companies and apparent attorneys out there. You just charge to be actual accurate and absolute if you aces one, adjudge whether you charge their casework and accept what you get for your money. The allowance are top that you ability get austere if you just go in with your eyes bankrupt and your wallet advanced open.

– business services chapter